RXJava Support

RXJava support in DBFlow is an incubating feature and likely to change over time. We support both RX1 and RX2 and have made the extensions + DBFlow compatibility almost identical - save for the changes and where it makes sense in each version.

Currently it supports

  1. Insert, Update, Delete, Set, Join, and all wrapper query mechanisms by wrapping them in rx()
  2. Single + List model save(), insert(), update(), and delete().
  3. Streaming a set of results from a query
  4. Observing on table changes for specific ModelQueriable and providing ability to query from that set repeatedly as needed.
  5. Kotlin extension methods in a separate artifact that enhance the conversion.

Getting Started

Add the separate packages to your project:

dependencies {
  // RXJava1
  compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-rx:${dbflow_version}"

  // optional, for use with Kotlin as a nice companion.
  compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-rx-kotlinextensions:${dbflow_version}"

  // RXJava2
  compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-rx2:${dbflow_version}"

  // optional, for use with Kotlin as a nice companion.
  compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-rx2-kotlinextensions:${dbflow_version}"

Wrapper Language

Using the classes is as easy as wrapping all SQL wrapper calls with RXSQLite.rx() (Kotlin we supply extension method):


List<MyTable> list = SQLite.select()


  .subscribe((list) -> {


or with Kotlin + extension methods:

  .list { list ->


Model operations

To make the transition as smoothest as possible, we've provided a BaseRXModel which replaces BaseModel for convenience in the RX space.

class Person(@PrimaryKey var id: Int = 0, @Column var name: String? = "") : BaseRXModel

Operations are as easy as:

new Person(5, "Andrew Grosner")
  .subscribe((rowId) -> {


or with Kotlin+extensions:

Person(5, "Andrew Grosner")
  .insert { rowId ->


Query Stream

We can use RX to stream the result set, one at a time from the ModelQueriable using the method queryStreamResults():

   .subscribe((model) -> {


Kotlin Support

Most of the support mirrors kotlin support with a few minor changes.

Extension properties/methods include:

  1. rx() extension method making it super easy to integrate RX.
  2. RXModelQueriable.streamResults - stream results one at time to a Subscription
  3. list, result,streamResults, cursorResult,statement, hasData, cursor, and count all provide a method lambda that is called within a Subscription.

select from MyTable::class
  where (MyTable.name `is` "Good")
  list { list -> //


which is the same with RX as:

  .where(MyTable.name `is` "Good"))
  .list { list ->


Or if we want to get pretty with BaseRXModel + extensions:

Person("Somebody").save { success ->
  // do something

Person("Somebody").update { success ->
  // do something

Person("Somebody").insert { rowId ->
  // do something

Person("Somebody").delete { success ->
  // do something

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