Including in your Project

DBFlow has a number of artifacts that you can include in the project.

Annotation Processor: Generates the necessary code that you don't need to write.

Core: Contains the main annotations and misc classes that are shared across all of DBFlow.

DBFlow: The main library artifact used in conjunction with the previous two artifacts.

SCLCipher Support: Replaces most of inner database interaction with an Encrypted Database that's useful for sensitive information. DBFlow contains wrapper around most of the implementation, so adding it is minimal.

Kotlin: DBFlow has Kotlin extensions support for the library, enabling more concise syntax and tons of inline helper methods! Also most of the public library API is annotated with @Nullable or @NonNull, providing nice interop when used in Kotlin.

RXJava: RX1 and RX2 supported. Wraps around normal DB operations by providing RXJava support for Model CRUD updates and SQLite wrapper language. Also Kotlin extensions exist for RX-specific methods.

Add the repository

This repo is used to publish the artifacts. It also enables dynamic builds, allowing you to specify specific branches or commit hashes of the project to include outside of normal releases.

allProjects {
  repositories {
    // required to find the project's artifacts
    maven { url "" }

  apply plugin: 'kotlin-kapt' // required for Kotlin

  def dbflow_version = "xxxx" // reference the releases tab on Github for latest versions
  // or you can grab a 10-digit commit hash of any commit in the project that builds.

  dependencies {
    annotationProcessor "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-processor:${dbflow_version}"

    // use kapt for kotlin apt if you're a Kotlin user
    kapt "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-processor:${dbflow_version}"

    compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-core:${dbflow_version}"
    compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow:${dbflow_version}"

    // sql-cipher database encryption (optional)
    compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-sqlcipher:${dbflow_version}"
    compile "net.zetetic:android-database-sqlcipher:${sqlcipher_version}@aar"

    // kotlin extensions
    compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-kotlinextensions:${dbflow_version}"

    // RXJava 1 support
    compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-rx:${dbflow_version}"

    // RXJava 1 Kotlin Extensions Support
    compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-rx-kotlinextensions:${dbflow_version}"

    // RXJava 2 support
    compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-rx2:${dbflow_version}"

    // RXJava 2 Kotlin Extensions Support
    compile "com.github.Raizlabs.DBFlow:dbflow-rx2-kotlinextensions:${dbflow_version}"


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